This section contains details of the machining operations, production processes, treatments and tests performed in the various stages of design, production and testing of the components produced by Aviotecnica S.r.l for companies operating in the aerospace sector and for several major aerospace companies.

Internal processing


We design and build special and complex products and equipment for the aerospace sector

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Work processes

We perform pressing, forming, NC machining and milling, turning, bending and blanking of products

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Special processes

TIG welding, anodizing, passivation, thermal couplings... and much more.

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Heat treatments, galvanic treatments and surface coatings

From passivation to pickling; from AlodineĀ® 1200 treatment to ultrasound washing...

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Quality control

We perform tests, inspections and controls to guarantee impeccable quality standards

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From assembly with liquid nitrogen to riveting (manual or double head rivets). We offer a variety of assembly solutions.

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