Aviotecnica S.r.l. designs and builds medium-complexity structural assemblies in aluminium alloy and composite materials for the aeronautical industry using highly advanced technologies and control systems.

Sectors and fields of application

The medium-complexity structural assemblies designed and built by Aviotecnica S.r.l. for the aeronautical sector are primarily developed for helicopter and aircraft manufacturers.

Aviotecnica S.r.l. produces helicopter airframe mechanical components and performs laboratory tests for a number of models including AW109, AW169, AW189, CH-47, AW129, AW139, NH90, AW101 and AW609. In the field of the fixed wing, apart from the Eurofighter, Aviotecnica assemblies are installed on MB-339, SF-260, M-346 and F-35.

Work process examples

Specific work processes in the field of construction of medium-complexity structural assemblies.