Aviotecnica S.r.l. has been operating
in the aerospace and
aeronautical sectors since 1953

Aviotecnica S.r.l. is specialized in the production of pressed and machined parts made of different alloys, and medium-complexity structural assemblies made of metal, composite and hybrid materials.

Thanks to continuous investment in software, machinery and equipment, we have achieved high levels of expertise in systems and processes, outstanding competitiveness and a high level of specialization.


Franco Montonati established a small engineering workshop in the countryside of Sesto Calende. The workshop, which took the name “Officine Montonati”, created forming moulds and made pressed products for the metalworking industry.


The precision of the workmanship, the industriousness of the workers and the financial reliability achieved, brought Officine Montonati to the attention of large aeronautical companies.


Franco Montonati, who had always been fascinated by aviation, founded AVIOTECNICA, a consequence also of its proximity to SIAI MARCHETTI (subsequently purchased by AGUSTA and now part of LEONARDO) and AERITALIA. These well-known companies were AVIOTECNICA’s first customers together with the IBM group and FAIR.

In these early years, AVIOTECNICA worked mainly on special pressed parts, sheet metal processing and small assemblies.


Aviotecnica began specializing in production for the aeronautic industry, standing out for its high-quality products and the precision of its mechanical components.

The company grew and so did its organizational structure. Its ability to meet the complex requests of aeronautical businesses led to an increase in its customer base in this sector.


NC machines were introduced in the company as well as the first special processes (heat treatments of light alloys, galvanic treatments, liquid penetrant inspection and painting). These innovations allowed the company to offer more complete products of an even higher quality.


As a crowning achievement for the results achieved at work, Franco Montonati was awarded the title of Cavaliere del Lavoro (Knight, Order of Merit for Labour) by the then President of the Italian Republic Francesco Cossiga (Rome, 2 June 1988).


Aviotecnica confirmed the quality and reliability of its products by acquiring aeronautical certifications AQAP-4, ISO 9002-1987, MIL-Q-9858A, AIA-RQ003, ISO 9004-1987.


Aviotecnica expanded in this period with many new developments, passing from 3 to 5-axis NC machines, enlarging its heat treatment departments and introducing new galvanic and structural processes. The company increasingly specialized in the creation of complex and structural assemblies for aeronautical companies.


Aviotecnica built up a production engineering department with CATIA workstations, becoming a supplier to the major aeronautical companies in digital manufacturing. In this period the Company introduced 3D measuring machines to guarantee product quality, and chemical, metallographic and mechanical laboratories.

TIG Welding was added to the group of special processes.


Aviotecnica further expanded with the construction of a new building to accommodate the assembly department and warehousing, as well as a new area for painting and galvanic processes.

Aviotecnica also opened a new plant for liquid penetrant inspection and began working with Aerondi, a leader in the non-destructive testing sector, operating directly from Aviotecnica’s premises.


After more than 60 years in business, Aviotecnica srl is a leading supplier to the aerospace industry. The plant covers 4,500 m2 and is organized into offices, testing laboratories (destructive and non-destructive), preparation departments, pressing, machining, heat and galvanic treatments, painting, assembly and warehousing. A special area is also dedicated to the final assembly of structural assemblies.

Aviotecnica continues to invest and renew its daily commitment to enhancing its product quality and capabilities.