With regard to safety, Aviotecnica S.r.l. as secured certification to UNI EN ISO 9100:2009: Quality Management System. Requirements for aviation, space and defence organisations.
Moreover, since 28/06/2006 Aviotecnica has been included in the world online Aerospace Supplier Information System (OASIS), with Identification Number 6119778023.


Our strength lies in our ability to perform tests and checks throughout the production process, allowing our clients to use the components and assemblies we supply without having to perform additional checks.
Aviotecnica S.r.l. is certified to EN ISO 9100 Release 2009. The work processes and control procedures are thus qualified and certified by the main aerospace customers with which we work: Leonardo Aircraft & Aerostructures, Leonardo Helicopters, Microtecnica (a subsidiary of UTC Aerospace Systems), Aerea and Mecaer Aviation Group (Actuation and Landing System Division).